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And many states allow kids above 16 to ride this scooter with their parent’s permission. Motor: Hiboy s2 has a powerful 350W electric brushless hub motor, which ensures more incredible speed, high distance, and excellent battery life. Handlebars: The handlebar is smooth and comfortable most of the time. Lithium-ion battery, measured 22 mile range, 350-watt motor, fast and smooth ride: Decent speed and range, cruise control feature, ... While the Hiboy MAX is a veritable speed demon at 19.3 mph, it struggled with one of the steeper hills (1/4 mile 10.5% grade) in our test. This will register your email. Now go back to the app and login using the email and password you previously created. You should now be able to select your scooter via bluetooth. From there you can choose your scooter and monitor it's speed, battery power, lock it, etc. 1. 2021 Superior Battery Performance - With the 10.4 AH high capacity lithium-ion battery, the MAX commute electric scooter can hit speeds of up to 21.7 MPH, more than fast enough to keep up with local traffic. It has a battery that will last up to 17-22 miles on a charge under specific conditions, and a max load of 264 lbs..
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